5 Things that You Must Do to Prepare Yourself for a Productive Day

By Lana Gilbert on October 6, 2017

Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself? Think about it. You had one brief ‘aha’ moment a few seconds ago. You made up your mind about doing something good. You are ecstatic and ready to kick butt. The next minute, a new shiny distraction comes up. The phone rings, a new email comes in, or maybe the latest gossip showed its intriguing face. Sooner than you know it, you are back to your dull routine. Once again, petty things were able to steal your precious time and your day was wasted.

Sound like you? I know the feeling! Been there, done that, I know the struggle. Here’s how I manage to conquer my day now when I wake up:

1. Beat the snooze – Try to condition your mind to avoid hitting that snooze button. Put it far from your bed so you have to stand up just to turn it off. Convince yourself before you sleep that you will wake up on time the following morning. Relying on that alarm clock to make or break your day is like totally giving up your power. You can do better than that by not giving up your mornings to a silly clock! An alarm may get the job done but try to wake up on your own.



2. Throw that phone out – I am guilty of this guys, but I can attest that this works! Throw that phone out of your bedroom. Resist the urge to put your phone on your bedside table. The best way to have a great day is to prepare yourself the night before. Give yourself some space. Think some pleasant and quiet thoughts in the dark before you sleep. Tinkering with that phone before you sleep will just give you stress. Put your mobile phone as far from your bed as possible. You are not a 911 operator ready to take on business calls at 3:00 AM! And please don’t get me started about using your phone as an alarm and snooze buddy. You do not need a $500 phone to do the job of a $5 alarm clock.

3. Kick some butt and move about – Do some jumping jacks or jog in place even before you make those dreaded early morning steps to the bathroom. The best way to wake those sleepy muscles is to give them some stretch and firepower. Begin an active and productive day by getting that extra boost of oxygen. The best way to start your days with an alert mind is to get your whole body moving.

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4. Take a cool shower – Cool shower on a cool morning? Yikes! Yup, I also dread that first splash! That was before, but now, I try to brave it out. That first three seconds in the shower is enough to make me go cursing and laughing at the same time. You can conquer just about any petty monster once you conquered your fear of that first cold splash.

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5. Talk to that image in the mirror – Better work out some ways to like that image that you see in the mirror. Talk to yourself while you brush your teeth at night before you sleep. Do more 2-minute pep talks in the morning after you take a bath. Convince yourself how awesome you are. Talk about your goals and describe the person you want to be 5 years from now. With time, the person you admire in the mirror will come to life!


There you have it! You might be doing at least one of these things. The key to a better day tomorrow is to do not just one or two of these tips but to do all of them! Excuses won’t count this time. Conquer your day by beginning it the right way. You can do it. Greatness begins with mini-wins and small sacrifices. You owe it to yourself. Just beat it.

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