6ix9ine Is Off Instagram – It Was Only A Matter Of Time Until This Happened

We are sure that you have all heard this name at least once- Tekashi 6ix9ine! He is yet another rapper that took the world by storm a few years ago, and ever since people cannot stop talking about him. But how much do we actually know about 6ix9ine? His life is full of shocking moments and we are here to tell you more about them. 6in9ine is for sure one of the most controversial people in the music industry, and love him or hate him, he is everywhere. Especially nowadays, when he intrigues the public almost every day. Every day is a new drama, and we have collected all of them. During his young life, he has done many suspicious things, and because of that, he was put behind bars. But, 2 months ago he got out, activated his Instagram profile, and started beefing with everyone and their mother. After causing quite a stir, his lawyers have basically forced him to shut down his Instagram. Read on to see why 6ix9ine basically had no choice but to delete all of his social media accounts.