Dad Does The Unthinkable On Daughter’s 13th Birthday

When you are a teenager your birthday is your favorite day of the year. You get to celebrate it with your friends and family, and of course, you receive a bunch of presents. And who doesn’t like presents? There’s nothing more important to you when you are young and you are eager to see what a new year will bring. It is sad when your parents are divorced, but at least you it may give you the opportunity to have a birthday party twice – once with your mom, and once with your dad. Kelsey Frederick is one of the girls who have that privilege and she couldn’t wait to turn 13. Yet, 13 wasn’t her lucky number, and what was supposed to be the best time of her life, turned into an absolute nightmare. We will tell you a sad story about this girl’s ruined birthday in the hope that something like this won’t happen to anyone ever again.