Life Has Begun In The NBA Disney World Bubble And Not Everything Has Gone According To Plan

In the past few months, everything has stopped! The world we know is on a break, and many, many things have changed. While we are fighting against this invisible enemy, our everyday lives have to be modified. We miss so many things, and we cannot wait for all of this to be over. One thing that we have all been missing is for sure sports! We cannot live without them, and we are eager to go and cheer for our favorite teams once again. Yet, that is impossible, but we are more than happy to watch our sport of choice on TV. And for all of you basketball fans out there- we have some incredible news! The NBA is back! In just a couple of weeks, the best basketball players will be back on the court, and we hope that you are ready as well! It’s been months since we have watched an amazing game, and we all need some good sport spirit! So, if you are curious to know everything about the upcoming season, just keep on reading. We have uncovered some things that were definitely supposed to be kept a secret!