Man Creates Fake Restaurant And Starts Getting Reviews. The Restaurant Becomes The #1 Restaurant In The City, And People Start To Show Up

Nowadays it is very common to head online and check the ratings a restaurant has received before booking a spot for dinner. And, of course, we always wonder if the ratings and comments that we can find online are genuine or not. In the end, we often settle for the view of the majority and disregard the few outlying positive or negative reviews. Oobah Butler recently took TripAdvisor reviews to a whole new level when he decided to turn his garden shed into a “top-rated” restaurant. It all started after he was hired to write fake reviews on Trip Advisor and realized that reviews could make a difference in a restaurant’s success or failure. Oobah decided to try and turn his shed (yes, the one you use to store your lawnmower and other garden gadgets) into London’s top-rated restaurant, using nothing but fake reviews, a bit of mystery and people’s vanity. Join us on Oobah’s journey to becoming London’s #1 rated restaurant even before he served the first plate of food at the infamous ‘Shed at Dulwich’.