A Baby Girl Is Born On The Highway After Her Father Is Arrested For Trying To Speed The Baby’s Mother To The Hospital

It’s not every day you welcome a bundle of joy on the interstate.

A South Carolina couple have quite the story to tell after causing a massive police chase during their rush to the hospital for their baby’s birth.

Credit: ABC News 4

New father Carl Alewine, was working on the night of New Year’s Eve when he received the life-changing call. His child’s mother, Tiffani Von Glahn, called to say she was having contractions and needed to get to the hospital right away. Carl hurried home and the couple jumped on I-26 outside St. George in Dorchester County, an hour northwest of Charleston.

With Tiffani in labor, Carl sped toward the hospital. “Not long after we got on the interstate, my water broke and she was just ready to come out,” Tiffani said in an interview with ABC News 4. Suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by cop cars. The surreal moment is something they’ll never forget.


“If I was not there, I would not believe it,” Carl told ABC News 4.

Even with the blue lights flashing in their rearview mirrors, Carl knew he couldn’t stop. This was a high-risk pregnancy, and with the baby’s position, it was possible Tiffani would need a C-Section.

“I said I might go to jail tonight. She is screaming, and I knew that meant keep going,” Carl recalled. “Next thing we know, there are 20 cops cars behind us.”

Carl says the officers eventually boxed them in, giving them no choice but to pull over.

“I said, ‘Man, she is having a baby, and you are going to end up delivering this baby if you don’t do something,” Carl said.

Luckily, this officer wasn’t a rookie. “He said, ‘I delivered a baby one other time on the interstate.’ I said good enough just do it,” Tiffani said.

One push, with no medication, was all it took to welcome daughter Anastasia into the world.

Credit: Daily Mail UK

Carl was in handcuffs, with tears of joy running down his face, when his daughter was born. According to Tiffani, police had handcuffed him for safety precautions as they determined what was going on.

“The officer who arrested me came to me and un-cuffed me, and said ‘Go see your little girl,'” Carl revealed.

“Now we have an exciting story to tell her when she is older,” Tiffani added.

Mother and baby were both healthy and happy.

Source: ABC News 4 

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