What You Didn’t Know About Your Brain

By Lana Gilbert on October 24, 2017

There are several misconceptions around the brain. A common myth is that the brain remains the same after puberty and eventually begins to regress with old age. However, Dr. Lara Boyd, a brain researcher from the University of British Columbia, has found that the brain is constantly changing. A large driver of this change is behavior. There are no drugs or quick shortcuts that can change the brain in a positive way—the structure of the brain depends heavily on the willpower to practice and do work.

Dr. Boyd’s research also suggests that performing difficult tasks have a more profound effect on the brain than simple tasks do. For example, if mathematics is not your forte, it is time to crank out the calculus books if you want to restructure your brain. This discovery also provides hope for stroke victims because with practice and hard work, the brain can recover and grow. One thing to keep note of, however, is that each of our brains are different, so the rate of recovery and growth will vary.

Since everyone has such a uniquely structured brain, Dr. Boyd calls for the need for personalized learning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the brain, and therefore Boyd states,


Study how and what you learn best. Repeat those behaviors that are healthy for your brain, and break those habits and behaviors that are not.

So go out and build your brain the way you want it to be today!

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