A Video Game Marathon Consisting of Zelda and Mario Ends Up Making Nearly $2.3 Million Dollars For Charity

It has been another successful year for the 2018 ‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ charity event, which is also known as AGDQ 2018.

The organization has raised just under $2.3 million dollars, which is the most that they’ve ever raised at a single event. Some of the activities at the conference included a marathon of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s, and speed runs of Super Mario WorldBloodborne and Mass Effect, which were live streamed.

Credit: GamesDoneQuick/Twitter

Since 2011, the organization has raised over $6.6 million dollars, which directly benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation and other charities.

In previous years, it was common for there to be chat walls at the event, which made everything more interesting and interactive, but some changes were made due to trolls and spam. This year, AGDQ only allowed comments from people who pledged a $5 monthly subscription in order to cut down on unwanted spam.

Credit: Gamer Revolution

Games Done Quick has a popular YouTube channel with over 450,000 subscribers. Their videos feature a mix of game play, interviews, and news. The organization is putting on another event this summer called SGDQ2018, which will be in Bloomington, Minnesota. At this event, all the money that is raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

AGDQ hosted their first event in 2010 where gamers played 8-bit and 16-bit games. This first event was an instant success as $10,000 dollars was raised for the charity called CARE. They followed up with a fundraiser which raised $50,000 dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and $20,000 dollars for the Organisation for Autism Research in 2011.

There are three major speedrunning communities, which include Speed Demos Archive, TheSpeedGamers, and Twin Galaxies. Games Done Quick is part of the Speed Demos Archive community.

Source: Gamer Revolution

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