Father Throws Daughter From Top Of Two Story Ladder – Firefighter Makes Incredible Catch

A local community has come together to support several families who have been displaced by a devastating apartment fire.

Donations are pouring in after a section of the Avondale Forest Apartments in Decatur, Georgia, burst into flames in January 2018.

A viral video from the incident is spreading after a firefighter’s helmet cam captured a father throwing his young daughter from the top of a two-story ladder to get her away from danger.

Credit: YouTube/CBS News

Fortunately, another firefighter caught the child and she survived. Residents in the community reacted quickly, doing all they could to help those who were impacted by the blaze.

“I didn’t have anything but the shirt on my back. It was so nice to see there are still good people in this world,” said Saloie Cofer.

Cofer lost nearly everything during the fire and was thankful to be one of the recipients of clothing and food that were donated by patrons of Avondale Estates First Baptist Church.

“People didn’t have to do this and yet they still did and I can’t help but think that they did this on the Martin Luther King holiday,” Cofer said.

Credit: Fox 5 News Atlanta

After the helmet cam video went viral, there was increased awareness about the fire, which helped kick-start the donation drive. Patti Ghezzi, who is also a resident at the complex has been coordinating the drive.

“Sadly there are apartment fires all the time, but this one touched so many because of that video of the father, his baby and the heroism the firefighters showed,” Ghezzi said.

Lance Ragland was the father who made the quick decision to throw his daughter from the top of the ladder, which the firefighters believe saved her life.

“My wife and seven other kids went down the ladder one by one then fell off and into the arms of other firefighters. But by the time it was Destiny’s turn, we were out of time. So I did what I had to do,” said Ragland.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

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