5 Ways to Empower Yourself and Take Back Control of your Life

By Lana Gilbert on October 7, 2017

Are there days when you wish you could turn back time? Do you sometimes feel out of sync? Is there a reset button somewhere? It turns out that there is, and you can push that button right at this minute.

Now, this is not your typical “be yourself and find your purpose” stuff. This is the article that your future self would want you to read right now, right at this minute. How about we start taking some action?

1. Stop asking for approval from the wrong crowd.


Approval motivates us. But what if you are asking for approval from the wrong crowd? Take a step back and evaluate yourself. Reclaim your sanity and take back control of your life by evaluating your motivation. What is one thing that you are scared to do because people might think you are nuts? Life is too short to waste too much time thinking about what other people might say or think. Just do it.

2. Stop doing things that take back your energy.

Big success is made up of small wins. Evaluate what you are doing right at this minute. Are you doing something constructive? Most people go about their days and spend most of their precious minutes doing things for pleasure and distraction. Inaction is comforting. Do you find yourself binge watching a TV show or mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds? If so, stop and take a step back. Win the next minute by doing the things that you would rather push off until the last minute. Commit right now to be productive for the next 5 minutes. Once that time is up, commit once more for a few more minutes. Before an hour is up, you will have accomplished something tangible.

3. Stop eating crap.


Junk food, sugary treats, and processed stuff might entice your taste buds, but it will slow down your body and mind. Immediate self-gratification is the enemy of those who want to be productive. Eating crap will make you feel like crap. Seriously, you deserve more than that!

4. Stop complaining and start doing.

Complaining is a waste of time and it will only make you stray further from your goals. Stop wallowing over regrets, worries or thoughts of how things could have been better. Resolve the next minute to act. Don’t think too much and just do.  

5. Give yourself a break.


You need a breather from all the hustle and bustle. Turn off all electronics and just move. Start to empower your days by taking walks in the afternoon or at night. Spend at least a half-hour of silence daily walking around your neighborhood. Silence and self-reflection will help you relax your mind. Also, don’t think that breaks are a waste of time. Moments of unplugging can unexpectedly bring fresh ideas and insights.

We are not wired to do the “hard” things. Accepting our flaws and changing our routine takes an awful lot of effort. It all begins by giving yourself some space to breathe and think. Set small goals that you can achieve in a few minutes. Over time, these small positive changes and small wins will add up. There is a long way ahead, but all you have to do is start now.

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