After Divers Rescue Whale Sharks, The Sharks Thank Them By Playing With The Divers

In a shocking discovery, divers noticed that four whale sharks were stuck in a fishing net, which can be seen in a video from Caters TV.

While part of the shark family, whale sharks are filter feeding fish and are completely harmless to humans. They’re commonly mistaken as whales due to their large size and slow movements. Shortly after going beneath the surface, the divers noticed the trapped whale sharks and wanted to do something to make sure they were freed. The whale sharks appeared to be confused and stressed as they struggled to get out of the net.

Credit: Caters TV

As a team, the drivers loosened the net, which allowed the whale sharks to swim free.

One by one, the sharks left the net, but they interestingly stayed near the divers who rescued them. The whale sharks appeared to want to play with the divers. One of the divers took advantage of this rare opportunity by grabbing onto one of the whale sharks’ top fins, which allowed them to swim together. They were able to get up close with the whale sharks, which is an experience that can never be replicated at a zoo or an aquarium.

Credit: Caters TV

Whale sharks have had limited success in captivity, according to Southern Fried Science. Due to their large size, they require a large tank and due to their unique feeding style, the tanks need to be specially optimized for whale sharks. Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is known to have one of the most successful whale shark captivity programs. They have four whale sharks, which are housed in massive tanks. The whale sharks at this aquarium were originally sourced from Taiwan.

The divers who rescued the four whale sharks that were trapped in the net most likely prevented their deaths as they can only survive for a limited period of time without food.

Source: Caters TV/YouTube, Southern Fried Science

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