In An Act Of Homage To Einstein, The University He So Dearly Loved Is Building Him His Own Museum

A museum that is dedicated to Albert Einstein is being constructed at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Einstein was one of the founding members of the university and served on its Board of Governors until his death in 1955. He is known as the father of the theory of relativity and an all-around genius with numerous Nobel Prizes.

Originally, the plan was to build a new building for the museum, which was going to be in the shape of Einstein’s head, but due to budget constraints, the new museum will be in the university’s former planetarium building, which is located on their Edmond J. Safra Campus.

Over the years, the university has accumulated a large collection of memorabilia that is specific to Einstein. The donated memorabilia includes diplomas, medals, books, scientific manuscripts, and vinyl records that were owned and used by the physicist. This collection is known as the Einstein Archives, and it consists of over 55,000 items.

Credit: Haaretz

Once the new museum is open, they plan to continuously rotate items from the collection between the museum floor and the warehouse, so there will always be something new for returning visitors to see and experience.

The cost of the museum is estimated to be $5 million dollars, which is a lot less than it would have cost to construct a new building. Despite the new museum being in the old planetarium, the facility will be going through a lot of changes to make it unique.

Credit: Haaretz

Arad Simon has been chosen as the architectural firm that will be designing the facility. The visitor’s center will be located in the dome part of the former planetarium. There will also be a special lobby that will be used to show off Einstein’s historic library.

Hebrew University has yet to announce when construction will start and when the new museum will open, but it’s expected to attract a lot of visitors.

Source: Inquisitr

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