Organic Farmers Market Opens In Impoverished Los Angeles Community – The Opening Day Was A Huge Success

A new farmers market that specializes in selling organic produce has opened in Los Angeles’ infamous Skid Row.

Recently, the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) opened a farmers market in Skid Row to give the neighborhood’s poor and homeless access to inexpensive and nutritious food. One of the issues that people who live in poverty face is being able to afford to eat healthy.

Credit: Megan Hodges/Upsplash

“It is not something that people probably think of in this community,” said Ariana Alcaraz who is an organizer for LA CAN.

Alcaraz believes that the homeless population can improve their situation by at least staying away from foods that may be high in calories, but low in nutrients. LA CAN’s new Skid Row farmers market sells a variety of fresh organic produce, which includes oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants.

Credit: Charles Davis/Alternet

“A big part of our work is ultimately education about the importance of organic produce,” Alcaraz continued.

On the market’s opening day, they had over 50 visitors, which the organization considers to be a huge success.

A Skid Row resident whose name is Terry, agrees with LA CAN’s mission to help distribute inexpensive but healthy food.

“The body runs like a car. Put good fuel in it and it’ll run better. A lot of these places don’t take food stamps. They do here. And that’s good. Good prices, too,” said Terry.

Credit: Charles Davis/Alternet

With most of the food options in the area being limited to convenience stores, many of Skid Row’s residents are happy to see that the farmers market offers fresher and healthier options.

According to a LA CAN community liaison who calls himself Mr. Pancake, “There are people in the area that have physical conditions, such as diabetes and other ailments, where their diet can really promote change.”

“They feel more healthy. Healthy eating leads to a healthy mind. That’s what we’re really promoting.”

Source: Alternet

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