Corgi Is Unconscious From Fire So A Firefighter Makes Quick Decision To Give CPR

During a fire rescue, firefighters saved a cat and two dogs, including a corgi who came back to life after being given CPR.

Credit: YouTube/ NHUnionLeader 

The blaze occurred in the afternoon in Manchester, New Hampshire, leaving $40,000 in damages. Firefighters heard about the fire at 4:30 P.M after a passer-by called 911 and reported that there was smoke coming from a house.

Once on the scene, firefighters noticed that the smoke was actually coming out of the basement. Their first priority was to see if there were any people inside that might have been unaware that their home was on fire.

While preparing to put out the fire, they found several animals in the home. According to District Chief Jim Michael, the dogs were a corgi and a black Labrador.

The Labrador was fine, but the corgi was unconscious so one of the firefighters made a quick decision and started practicing CPR on the animal. Fortunately, the CPR worked and the dog was revived.

“One dog and a cat were affected by the smoke,” said Michael.

“Another dog, a Corgi, he was revived through CPR, and then we actually transported all three by ambulance to the Veterinary Emergency Center for treatment.”

The cat was also unresponsive due to smoke inhalation but was alert after receiving oxygen. The pets were then taken to an emergency veterinary clinic via ambulance.

Credit: YouTube/ NHUnionLeader 

Mary Wiley, a veterinary technician, treated the pets after they were taken to her facility.

“One dog, a black Lab, will be able to go home with the homeowner tonight,” said Wiley. “The Corgi and the cat require additional oxygen and will need to stay overnight, but all three are doing well and will survive. They should be fine.”

The firefighters worked quickly and managed to control the blaze after thirteen minutes. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Source: NH1 News, Union Leader, YouTube

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