HGTV’s Star Couple Use Their Skills To Brighten The Day For Cancer Patients And Their Families

Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper took their talents to St. Jude Target House and surprised families with an amazing dining room make-over. St. Jude Target House in Memphis, Tennessee, is a free residence for the families of children battling cancer and other diseases at nearby St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

In order to create the perfect new space, Chip and Joanna sought the help of their four kids who provided inspiration.

“Any time I’m designing a space for children, I always think of my own children for inspiration – whenever I create an atmosphere that is intentional for them, I get to really see them thrive,” Joanna told People magazine.

“So when I was creating this space for St. Jude, I was thinking of the children there and I was also thinking about their families, who have basically been uprooted for the treatment their children are receiving,” she said.

Partnering with Target for the project, the couple transformed the space from top to bottom with new lighting, flooring and furniture. They added communal tables and a coffee bar in order to create a more warm and welcoming feel. Most importantly, Joanna chose to feature pieces of artwork that were made by the brave kids at St. Jude’s Hospital.

Credit: Today

“We really wanted to make sure this space felt like a home away from home,” Joanna said in a video for Target.

“One of my favorite things is the artwork that the children did. That to me is the picture of hope.”

When families were invited into the new space for the first time, Chip and Joanna were there to greet everyone and see their reactions. They even went behind the counter to pass out food to the families who would now call this new space their home.

“If we can make them feel a little bit closer to home, even for a second,” Chip Gaines said, “it’s worth it.”

Source: Today

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