After 5 Painful Years Of Wearing Rings Around Her Neck, ‘Giraffe Woman’ Calls It Quits. Here’s How She Looks Today

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to become your favorite animal? Sydney Smith, 30, of Los Angeles, California, tried to make her imagination turn into reality when she decided to elongate her neck in order to emulate her favorite animal, the giraffe. After years of admiring the long necks of giraffes, Sydney decided that she wanted to try and increase the size of her neck too.


Sydney’s obsession with her neck started long before she decided to create custom brass rings. In fact, her fascination started back when she was in middle school.

“I’ve always had a long neck. In middle school, they called me ‘giraffe girl’. Then I saw the pictures of the long-necked tribes in Thailand and Burma in National Geographic and I became fascinated by them.”

Smith used to wrap cut up coat hangers around her neck in an attempt to lengthen it.

“My parents thought it was ridiculous.”

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