After Seeing The Devastation In Puerto Rico, Lionsgate Entertainment Founder Steps Up And Donates To Help Local Communities

Frank Giustra, who is the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment has donated $400,000 to help with relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


The donation was given through Giustra’s Radcliffe Foundation and has been awarded to All Hands and Hearts, which will help with various rebuilding projects in areas that were hit hard by Hurricanes Maria and Irma. All Hands and Hearts is an international relief organization that is led by Petra Nemcova, who is a popular super model.


Nemcova and Giustra recently visited Puerto Rico to see the devastation from the hurricanes so they can put together an action plan on how they can make the biggest impact possible from the donation.

“We are so thankful for Frank Giustra’s caring heart and support from his Radcliffe Foundation. Together we will be able to help the families in Puerto Rico affected by the recent devastating hurricanes. Frank has been a vital partner over the years, supporting projects around the world, and his commitment to help others has uplifted the lives of many families. During our recent visit to Puerto Rico, we were touched by the families we met as they are all so strong and resilient despite the deep hardships they are facing,” said Nemcova.

Credit: All Hands All Hearts

Nemcova was inspired to get involved with disaster relief after her fiance was killed during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

“I have no doubt All Hands and Hearts will make a major contribution in helping the families of Puerto Rico rebuild their lives after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria,” said Giustra.


“I have met many of these volunteers, who come from around the world for weeks, even months, at a time to assist families and children in need. They work six days a week, up to 11 hours a day, in any conditions, to make a difference. At a time when we are bombarded with negative news, their compassion is an inspiration. The Radcliffe Foundation is honored to support their humanitarian work.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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