Woman Has Gone From Homeless To The Best Waitress In Her Town. Her Story Will Leave You Inspired

A previously homeless women has rebuilt her life thanks to her job as a waitress.

Credit: Clarion Ledger/Justin Sellers

Stacey Spiehler went from being homeless, staying at friends’ houses, and sleeping at shelters to finally being financially independent and having a roof over her head.

“When I desperately needed a job, the restaurant industry welcomed me with open arms,” Spiehler said.

Spiehler, who is 37, works at Fine & Dandy in Jackson, Mississippi, and was voted as the best server in her area in an online poll conducted by the Clarion Ledger.


“When I got the call from work saying that I had won, I was really excited … kinda stomping around. I’m still processing it” Spiehler said.

“The whole part of being a server is representing a restaurant well. To your guests, you are the face of the place. I’m happy for myself, happy for Fine & Dandy and I can’t wait to tell the world,” Spiehler continued.

Her employer greatly appreciates her passion for her job.

“Stacey builds relationships with her customers. You feel like you know her after she’s served you. And that’s not an easy job from a server’s standpoint, but it’s very important to us. We want people to feel like they are guests in our home. Stacey makes sure we do that,” said Marisa Marino who is Fine & Dandy’s director of hospitality.

Credit: Clarion Ledger

Spiehler has worked other waitress jobs in the past, but she’s grateful to have ended up at Fine & Dandy. She was recruited while working at Mellow Mushroom.

“It was a slow day, just a few customers. I was actually serving and bartending. They asked me about all the beers on the wall,” Spiehler recalls.

“I told them about them, and then I asked what they did for a living. Marisa said they were opening a new restaurant. They weren’t head-hunting for servers, it just sort of worked out that way,” Spiehler said.

After doing several interviews with Fine & Dandy, she landed her dream job and hasn’t looked back since.

Source: Clarion Ledger

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