How To Get The Girl You’ve Been Crushing On

By Lana Gilbert on May 19, 2017

You could be reading this article because you have no idea where to begin when it comes to the girl of your dreams. It’s possible that she doesn’t even know you, but that’s only because you’ve been stuck pondering ways to approach her in a cool and charming way. It’s possible she knows you, but your friendship has gotten to the point where you’re stuck in the dreaded friend-zone. It’s also possible that you’re in the middle ground where she knows you, but you don’t know what she thinks of you. There’s a simple solution to all three of the scenarios, and I’m sure you know it too–ACTION. Now what type of action is appropriate action?

Let’s set some things straight first. If you remain stagnant with your approach, you’re not going to get the girl. We are trying to get this ball rolling instead of keeping it in place. The burden is usually on guys to make the first move so stop picturing scenes where your beloved tells you that she’s head over heels for you.

1. 2 Stars and 1 Wish


Girls love compliments so make sure to sprinkle them in conversations with your girl. But please, please, please do not go overboard with the compliments! A good way to do this is to use the 2 stars and 1 wish policy we learned in grade school. In case you forgot what this brilliantly crafted policy was, for every 2 compliments you say, playfully tease her.

2. Have an intellectual conversation with her

The 2 Stars and 1 Wish policy works wonders if you are trying to flirt with the girl you want, but if you want her to take you seriously you must get serious with her. It may be hard to figure out where to begin, but deep and intellectual conversations can stem from virtually anything. For example, you could even have an hour long conversation about Drake’s songs and your view on relationships and fidelity. If you can articulate clear arguments that stimulate her mind and your overall conversation, you will certainly impress her.


3. Maintain an air of mystery

Do not be an open book. You want her to learn new things about you as your relationship progresses, but you do not want her to figure you out all at once. One way to do this is to center your conversations around her. Girls love talking about themselves and their problems. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to interview her each time you talk. Reveal a bit about yourself in each conversation you have with her but make sure to be conservative. This also gives you the opportunity to show her that you are a great listener–something girls value immensely in a relationship.


4. Become friends with her friends

Your network can do wonders for you and if you become close to some of your girl’s friends, they can put in a good word for you. This puts you in a better position than strangers who have to build trust with their girls of interest from the ground up. Your girl doesn’t have to worry about trusting you if her friends trust you. Becoming friends with her friends also gives you the opportunity to learn more about her, which is always a plus.

5. Tell her how you feel


Steps 1-4 all lead to this. If you properly executed steps 1-4, then you should have the confidence to tell her exactly how you feel. If you still feel nervous, you need to look at the big picture. If she’s into you by now, then telling her how you feel is exactly what she wants to hear. If you tell her and you find that she’s not into you, then you know it’s time to put effort into something or someone else. One thing is certain though, a sure fire way to get rejected is to not say anything at all. You miss every shot that you don’t take, so follow these steps, take your shot, and swoop the girl you’ve been crushing on.

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