Are Your Children Always Scrambling To Get Ready? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Conquer The Morning

Let’s go over some great morning hacks that can make life easier for parents and their children. Mornings can be tough, but they can be better after implementing these hacks.

1. Create a Checklist for the Morning

There’s a lot that children must do before getting ready for class, which means that some morning to-dos are occasionally forgotten. Creating a checklist can alleviate this problem, but both parents and their children must have a complete understanding of what needs to be done on a daily basis before starting the day. Putting a white board in either the bathroom or kitchen is a great way to never forget anything. It’s also easy to make changes when necessary.

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2. Create a Morning Playlist

There’s nothing better than starting the day with an energizing playlist. Picking music for the playlist that is liked by both the parents and children will allow for everybody to be excited to ‘jam out’ as they do their morning activities such as eating breakfast and packing lunch. Music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music offer curated playlists for a variety of genres and they are constantly updated with new music.

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3. Label Bathroom Caddy with Steps

Sometimes it’s easier to be disciplined in the morning when everything is neatly labeled and simplified. Putting together a bathroom caddy with step-by-step stations makes it easier to get into a habit of not forgetting to do anything. For example, make a caddy with “Step 1: Brush Hair, Step 2: Wash Face, Step 3: Brush Teeth.” Keeping it simple is the key to being successful with this morning hack.

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4. Set Up the Breakfast Table the Night Before

The best time to set up the breakfast table certainly isn’t in the morning. By setting everything up after dinner the night before, parents will have more time to spend with their children in the morning during breakfast.

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