These Lovebirds Mistakenly Proposed To Each Other At The Same Time. The Video Will Have You Wishing For A Love Like Theirs

Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade are a pair of lovebirds that met the way most people nowadays find each other: through the internet. Cade, a member of the Air Force, and Monaco, a theater director, started talking and instantly felt a connection. In two short days of nonstop chatter, they just had to meet in real life.

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The couple faced one big problem: distance. Cade was stationed in San Angelo, Texas, while Monaco was studying at the University of Texas, Austin. The drive takes around roughly 4 hours. Cade, giddy with the thought of meeting someone new, drove through the night. She had a lingering fear “she might be a serial killer” but those fears were quickly put to bed.

“We stayed up all night talking,” Monaco said.

“The next day, I brought her to meet my family, and I introduced her as my friend at that point. From there, the ball just kept rolling.”

Eager to see each other as often as they could, the two met almost every weekend. Cade usually drove to New Braunfels which is a town near Austin where Monaco lived. They felt a romantic spark and Monaco decided to “put a ring on it” as Beyoncé says.

Four months ago, she bought a ring and brought up the idea of proposing to Cade’s mother. Monaco planned on proposing to Cade when they took a trip to Seattle to visit Cade’s family.

When in Seattle, the family got together for a game of Pictionary. Soon it was Cade’s turn to draw. Monaco took advantage of this opportunity. When Cade was drawing on the easel, her back facing Monaco, Monaco took a knee and proposed.

“OK, Berk, will you marry me?” she asked.

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Cade was astounded and stumped, but Monaco didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Cade reached into her bag and took out her own ring, going down on one knee, and popping the big question. It was a double proposal!

Neither of the girls knew, but Cade’s parents both knew. Monaco credits Cade’s mother.

“Her mom was the mastermind. They were planning this perfect proposal.”

The whole plan began when Cade bought a ring 4 months ago and started planning with her mom. Monaco felt the love too, bought a ring, and called up Cade’s mom for approval.

Cade’s mom hatched a plan to have a normal game of Pictionary, with one twist. Monaco would propose while trying to guess the phrase “Will you marry me,” and Cade would draw an image representing the proposal.

The couple posted about their happy moment on Twitter and tried to get on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” They have yet to hear a response from Ellen regarding the proposal. The tweets went viral, getting over 123,000 likes and 19,000 retweets.

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Credit: Twitter

Twitter users are going CRAZY!

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Credit: Twitter
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Credit: Twitter

A video depicting the proposal garnered almost 100,000 views in less than 3 days.

Source: Business Insider, Insider

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