Despite Sleeping In Due To Watching Netflix, Teenager Red Gerard Manages To Bring Home Team USA’s First Gold Medal

The Olympian who won the first Gold medal for the US this Olympics could have missed his event completely if his roommate didn’t wake him up. He was in last place before his final run, but still ended up winning the gold medal! What a legend.

Red Gerard, a 17-year-old from Colorado, spent the night before his Olympic event watching Netflix, something we are all guilty of from time to time. He had to wake up at 6:00 AM to check in for his event. His roommate, Kyle Mack, had to wake him up at 6:20 AM. He was disoriented and couldn’t find his jacket, so he was forced to borrow Mack’s jacket.


Despite waking up late, he made it to his event on time. It didn’t look like he was going to win any Olympic medals, as he was in last place before his third and final run. However, he blew away the competition in his final run, getting points for his creative approach. When the judges announced that he had won, he was overcome with emotion.

He yelled “Oh F*ck!” and NBC couldn’t censor it out in time!

Credit: AOL
Credit: Lee Jin Man/Associated press

His reaction is understandable. After all, how would you react if you had just won Olympic gold for your country.


Source: Business Insider

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