Woman Notices That A Homeless Woman Is Freezing – She Organizes A 24 Hour “Sew-A-Thon” To Make Quilts

A sewing group in Pequannock, New Jersey, just completed their first 24-hour “sew-a-thon’ to keep the homeless warm.

Rose Phalon discovered a common trend that is growing in the homeless population. There’s a lack of desire to take refuge in shelters as many prefer to live on their own terms. Phalon felt like she needed to do something to help the homeless as sub-zero temperatures hit the area.

Credit: North Jersey

She started by making quilts and gave one to a woman who was living in the streets.

“I had this sickening feeling watching this woman out on the street in that weather,” Phalon said.

“All I could do was help keep her warm.”

She was inspired by this experience and started her own group with the goal of making as many quilts for the homeless as possible. Her growing quilt group, which is called Quilting For A Cause managed to make over 700 quilts in 2017.

Credit: North Jersey

Recently, they put on a 24-hour “sew-a-thon’ event where they created as many quilts as possible between 10:00 A.M. on Saturday and 10:00 A.M. on Sunday.

The entire community was involved with this event as the Boy Scouts helped set everything up, and the Girl Scouts helped with sewing.

“We’re always looking for ways to serve others and this made perfect sense,” said Karin Pilaar, who is a Girls Scout troop leader.

Credit: North Jersey

The event even attracted some volunteers from across state lines as Phalon’s niece, Eileen Deming-McNabb, drove in from Albany with her 12 year old daughter.

“We made 17 that first weekend and then we ended up making 702 for the year. It was only 11 of us at the beginning and now look at this,” said Deming-McNabb.

Credit: North Jersey

Quilting is a time-consuming process as it can take seven to ten hours to complete one from scratch. However it’s well worth it for the volunteers as they’re helping people who are in need.


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