7 Instant Confidence Hacks to Improve your Self-Image

By Lana Gilbert on October 19, 2017

Who is the one person that holds you back from achieving your goals? Your parents? Your spouse? Nope, wrong answer! The person who stares back at you in the mirror is the one who’s stopping you from feeling confident and making your dreams come true.

Everybody has faced lack of self-confidence at one time or another. Even the most successful personalities have occasional self-doubts. It takes time to unlearn lack of confidence. But what if you can’t wait? Good thing, you can do something about it right now to feel instantly confident. Just like taking a bath, immerse yourself in these tips every single day to get that confidence boost.

1. Sleep right


It’s like one plus one; you will feel like crap if you didn’t have a good night’s sleep the night before. I am most timid during days when I barely got a sound sleep. Lack of quality sleep automatically reduces your energy the next day. So if you want a better day tomorrow, begin by preparing yourself for a nice sleep tonight.

2. Take a bath as soon as you wake up

Give yourself a good boost by showering in cold water. You will automatically feel better about yourself if you know that you smell good and look presentable.

3. Dress sharp


Choose your clothes well. Smart cuts and solid colors can instantly serve as a confidence booster. These garments must fit you well and project a positive vibe for you. Being a million bucks richer starts with looking like the part. On days when I feel a little down, I wear red or solid blue. Looking like the best version of yourself begins with wearing your best outfits.

4. Clear the clutter

A messy desk or workspace may not seem like a problem, but the littlest things can hinder your focus. Give yourself a little pat on the back and instantly feel better by accomplishing small tasks such as clearing out that clutter.

5. Breathe right


Whenever you feel discouraged or anxious, try to breathe slowly and deeply. Do nothing, think about nothing, and just breathe. Calm your mind and instantly feel at ease by controlling your breathing. You might not have observed it, but whenever you focus on your breathing, your heartbeat slows down. This is the type of confidence that you need; unhurried, calm and focused.

6. Exercise

The days when you are behaving like a bum and a couch potato are the days when you feel the least confident. To amp up your confidence level, try to exercise in place for about 10-15 minutes. The oxygen boost to your brain can help span you out of the lazy blues.

7. Positive self-talk


Beware of the things that you say to yourself! Your subconscious will eventually accept any statements you repeatedly say to yourself day in and day out. Listen to your thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself off-guard, immediately counter it by using a positive statement. Whenever you feel insecure before giving a talk or before facing a crowd, give yourself a little pep talk and encouragement. There is no need to say it out aloud but keep talking to yourself all day, and you will guide yourself towards the direction and outlook that you want to have.

While we may view our insecurities as goal deterrents, insecurities also push us to be better. Any insecurity you have is tells you what you should improve on, and therefore you should embrace each and every one of them. Remember that everybody feels just like you at one time or another, but many have also been able to turn their insecurities into confidence. Self-confidence is not just a trait; it is also a skill. Small steps and small self-talks done consistently will slowly but surely make you more and more confident.

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