Stop Searching For Passion!

By Nat Gray on August 23, 2017

Have you ever been asked what your passion is?  Or better yet, have you ever asked yourself what your passion is?  It’s an easy question to ask but it’s a much harder question to answer!  And yet, the popular sentiment these days seems to focus around pursuing your passion as a means to success…but is that really the right advice for people?

For branding strategist and entrepreneur, Terri Trespicio, she argues that people should stop searching for their passion. She didn’t always think so though.  It was only when she was laid off from her dream job as editor and radio host at Martha Stewart that she had to reassess what it meant to pursue her passion.

Success fuels passion more than passion fuels success.

She spent months sitting around waiting for this “passion” to show up…but it never did. Finally, she found that by going out, taking action, and doing things, she was able to find things she was good at and to her surprise, her passions followed suit! Instead of saying no to every opportunity that didn’t match her passions, she started taking more opportunities to try new things, to get good at new things, and awaken an entrepreneurial spirit in her that has become her passion today!


It’s not that passion itself is bad. Through her own experiences, Terri realized that if you sit around waiting for passion, you could miss opportunities that change your life.  If you don’t have an answer to what your passion is, Terri reminds us that it’s ok.  It’s easy to think that your life is not as interesting or valuable as someone who “knows” what their passion is, but it’s not true.  Passion is great! But her point is that success fuels passion more than passion fuels success.  

So instead of obsessing over finding a passion, focus on working towards success wherever you are, and when you do it, your passion will find you.


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