Man Offends Sarah Silverman On Twitter, She Responds By Paying His Medical Bills

A Twitter user trolled comedian Sarah Silverman and received an unexpected response.

Silverman is known to be a controversial figure with both loyal fans and harsh critics. She has millions of followers on Twitter and uses the platform to express her views on current events and politics.

Credit: YouTube/TMZ 

One day, she tweeted that she was interested in discussing politics and she received many interesting responses with one of them being especially cruel.

The tweet that was sent to Silverman contained foul language and was from a user named Jeremy Jamrozy. She decided to click on his profile to learn more about him, which led her to a tweet of his where he mentioned that he was dealing with serious back pain.

Rather than getting mad at Jeremy, she decided to see how she could help him with his problem. She realized that he was likely going through an extremely rough period in his life, which may have been the reason why he decided to go after her on Twitter.

Credit: Twitter/Sarah Silverman

She responded to the man and told him: “Don’t give up on yourself,” and “Be brave enough to risk getting burned. It’s what happens when u fight for yourself. But it’s worth it. I promise.”

Eventually, Silverman asked her 12 million followers to find a doctor in San Antonio that could help Jamrozy with his back pain. She also offered to cover the costs of his medical treatment.

After working out some arrangements, Silverman followed through with her offer and covered his medical costs.

When asked about why she did it, Silverman said, “I do this all the time” and “anyone can do this.”

Silverman continued by saying that Jeremy has severe back pain that’s limiting his ability to work and provide for his family. Jeremy also doesn’t have health insurance, which made it nearly impossible for him to be able to afford to get his back pain fixed.

Source: Upternative, NY Daily News

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