Vegan Man Decided To Switch To A Paleo Diet, Now He Feels Energized, Focused, And Confident

There are so many diet and fitness trends out there nowadays it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, Mark’s Daily Apple has got us covered. The food and nutrition website started by Mark Sisson provides plenty of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.

Every Friday, they publish a Primal Blueprint Real Life Story, in which a reader shares their own success story. The Dec. 22 post from James Dawson details how his Paleo diet has made him feel more confident, strong, grounded and energized.

The Paleo diet includes anything humans could hunt or gather, such as meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens and seeds. Modern-day staples like pasta, cereal and candy have no place in this diet, which many people turn to when they need a fresh start. For James, he started following a Paleo diet in 2013 after experiencing brain fog, anxiety, mood disorder and low energy that was destroying his life and career. His doctor told him he had to put veganism on the back burner and start eating meat again.

So he did. The 13-year vegan made big changes in his life. He had adopted a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle following asthma/allergies in his teenage years, and fasts, cleanses and meditation were part of his routine.

“In my 20s I was your typical ungrounded nice guy on a spiritual journey living in my car, trying to transcend the pain and anger of having been raised in a broken home. Though, at the time I had no idea I was actually doing what is known as spiritual bypassing,” James wrote.

Credit: Mark’s Daily Apple

After hearing about the Paleo diet, James decided to try for himself. He was more than pleased with the results. “In general I find that overeating, eating dairy, grains, nightshades, too much nuts/seeds/fruit, and repressing feelings doesn’t work,” James explained in his blog. “Eating plenty of greens and vegetables, balanced with fat/protein, and staying active works best for me.”

To stay healthy and happy, James has adopted the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol combined with a low carb approach. To protect against autoimmune ailments, James and many others follow this type of Paleo diet where eggs, nuts, seeds, and nightshades are not excluded with grains and beans. His new nutrition journey has led him to pursue new interests such as psychodynamic therapy. This is a form of depth psychology that reveals the unconscious content of a client’s psyche. This helps alleviate psychic tension, similar to psychoanalysis.

“Many of my challenges seem to have a psycho-emotional root cause or component. This is one of the biggest things I’ve learned and continue to learn,” James noted. Even with his busy full time career in landscaping and gardening, he enjoys an improved overall sense of wellbeing. “Since I started eating Paleo I feel more confident, strong, grounded, and energized then I did in my 20s. I’m in my mid 30s and better off now than I was back then. I also notice that I get more definition and muscle tone the closer I stay to Paleo, and I don’t even hit the gym.”

Perhaps Paleo is the positive change you’ve been looking for. For more information, check out this Paleo website here.

Credit: Mark’s Daily Apple
Source: Mark’s Daily Apple

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